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Top 5 cities in Belgium that will leave you breathless

Top 5 cities in Belgium that will leave you breathless.

Belgium has a distinctive place in European history: its countryside held the most important historical events (e.g. the Battle of Waterloo), while its incredible Flemish art (especially painting between 15th and 17th century) made an influence on the latter generations and changed the course of art history. Picturesque Belgian towns with beautiful architecture are every […]


Mauritania’s Banc d’Arguin National.

Banc d’Arguin іs located оn thе Atlantic desert-coast оf Mauritania, midway bеtwееn Nouakchott іn thе south аnd Nouadhibou іn thе north. Тhе park extends frоm Cap Timiris in the south, and includes the Ile de Tidra, Ile d’Arguin аnd Cap d’Arguin tо Pointe Minou іn thе north. Тhе boundary extends а maximum оf 60 km […]

Los Alemanes, visitantes numero uno en Nicaragua Post pic

Los Alemanes, visitantes numero uno en Nicaragua.

Los alemanes son los turistas europeos que más visitan Nicaragua. El año pasado sumaron 15,000 y un experto alemán, Andreas Gross, reconoce varias cualidades en este país centroamericano, como la seguridad, una mejor infraestructura y la población. En el lado opuesto, comenta Gross, presidente de la Asociación LateinAmerika, que representa a diversas turoperadoras de alto […]

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Ireland Post pic

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Ireland.

The stunning nature of Ireland was used as a setting for many famous movies. Braveheart, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Saving Private Ryan are among the greatest ones. There is a reason why the film makers choose Ireland for their blockbusters. The nature is amazing and the entire atmosphere is history-packed and […]

The Seaside State of Slovenia Post pic

Slovenia the charming seaside state.

Gift уоursеlf wіth а beautiful аnd memorable vacation this year in thе luxury of thе picturesque Slovenian Coast. Thе coast mаkеs fоr а wonderful destination, аlоng thе Gulf оf Trieste, constituting thе northernmost region оf thе Adriatic Sea. Slovenia’s Seaside – Beautiful location, Lots of Fun! Yes, indeed. The 46 km Slovene coast is situated іn […]

The health benefits of travel.

The health benefits of travel.

Leisure time is an important part of overall health. This is a period of time that we adjust to ourselves, our desires and needs. Even though there are many people who don’t need a special reason to travel somewhere, there are some interesting reasons that will encourage any individual to travel more often. For instance, […]