Most Amazing Places to Visit in Ireland.

The stunning nature of Ireland was used as a setting for many famous movies. Braveheart , Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Saving Private Ryan are among the greatest ones. There is a reason why the film makers choose Ireland for their blockbusters. The nature is amazing and the entire atmosphere is history-packed and culturally colored. Those are the same reasons why you should opt for a holiday in Ireland and get to know this gorgeous place.

The Victorian Majestic Walled Garden and Kylemore Abbey in Connemara

Make sure you have an entire day to spend at the Kylemore Abbey in Connemara . This Abbey is on the verge of the gorgeous Connemara Lake and its gothic church is reflected in the water. The nuns will show you around the entire Abbey and tell you all about its history and the times when this was a girls’ school. The place is also world-famous for its perfect acoustics. If you are lucky, some of the choirs from around the world will be there to sing in the church. When it comes to Walled Garden, it is nice to know that all the flowers and vegetables located in the area are exactly the same as those grown during the Victorian times. It is just like a botanical time machine.

The Dramatic Cliffs of Moher against the Atlantic Ocean

Cliffs of Moher
The grand, natural stone wall from Liscannor to Doolin carries the name of Cliffs of Moher. As it consists of various types of rocks, the beating of the Atlantic waves turned it into an eroded wall, full of caves and interesting formations. This is the place where movies like The Princess Bride and Harry Potter were filmed. Another interesting thing about it is the birds. The caves and shelves serve as the home to almost thirty species of sea birds and their numbers reach 40.000.

The Lively Streets and Beaches of Galway

The bohemian spirit of the Galway streets is fun and seductive. The city centre is packed with bars, cafes, restaurants and numerous street performers. This is the city of festivals and, if you visit it in late August, you can catch a glimpse of the Medieval Galway during the Loughrea Medieval Festival . It is usually held during the National Heritage Week and it is quite an educative and fun time to be in Galway. On the other hand, if you want to escape the busy cobblestone street of the centre, head to one of the amazing beaches that attract hundreds of swimmers.

The Famous Pubs of Dublin

Dublin pub
Surely, you can spend your time exploring the cultural sights of this remarkable city. Visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and do not miss out on the National Museum of Ireland. However, as the day goes by, head to some more everyday-like amenities of Dublin. One of them is Kilmainham Gaol, a prison in which you can hear the entirely different side of Irish history. Guinness Storehouse is a story of its own that every beer lover will like to hear. But, you can always save money on accommodation and use it for visiting famous pubs in Dublin. Share accommodation with interesting flatmates and you will get drinking buddies and a cheaper stay in Ireland. Go to the Brazen Head if you want to have a pint where James Joyce and Jonathan Swift used to drink. Other famous watering holes include O’Donoghue’s, Stag’s Head and The Cobblestone.

The Auld Smoke: Belfast

You can start enjoying Belfast by taking the tour of the gorgeous Belfast Castle. A legend says that good fortune follows those that enter this Castle on the slopes of the Cave Hill for as long as the white cat lives there. There are nine white cats portrayed all around the castle. Try to find them all. Two additional gems of Victorian tradition are the Grand Opera House and the Botanical Garden with a Victorian Glasshouse. However, if you want to taste of a little bit more of modern history, check out the grand Belfast Titanic museum , positioned on the place where the original Titanic was built.

Ireland is a place of culture, tradition and history. Its cities are busy and eventful and there is always something going on. However, there is always an option of skipping the crowds, taking a car and having a spin around the Ring of Kerry. It is around 180 km long coastal ride that features the majestic Atlantic, ancient ruins and amazing views. Definitely something that should be a part of your visit.


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