South Carolina Coast.

South Carolina is one of the British colonies that developed the U.S. It stands by the beautiful and fearsome Atlantic Ocean and has numerous beaches and local attractions that draw visitors and tourists from all over the world. This gorgeous place has an amazing history. It played a big role in the American Civil War, which is remembered to this day. Also referred to as the Palmetto State, it has a small-town charm that people love.

South Carolina Coast USA

South Carolina situated on the East Coast of the United States.


One of the original 13 US colonies, South Carolina was the 8th state to be ratified in the constitution of the United States in 1788. It had originally an agrarian economy, and was the first place where shelling began during the Civil War. In the present day, the South Carolina coastline close to the Myrtle Beach has turned into a major East coast resort destination.

This place has seen many famous men and women being born, notably boxer Joe Frazier, politician Jesse Jackson, musicians Dizzy Gillespie, James Brown and Chubby Checker, tennis champ Althea Gibson, Senator Strom Thurmond and novelist Pat Conroy.

South Carolina Coast USA.

Photo courtesy of Sullivan Island archives.

Places to enjoy by the beaches

South Carolina, with its sprawling resorts and miles of vast seashore, is the ideal destination where beach lovers can hang out on. The Myrtle Beach is the biggest resort along the sprawling Grand Strand of South Carolina, and this is where much of the action in summer is. There is live entertainment, restaurants, water parks and amusement centers. You can indulge in surfing, sailing, sunbathing, swimming and fishing here.

Or you can come to the Folly Beach Crab Shack in Folly Beach and have a bowl of female crab soup with the locals. If you love fishing, bring a rod and some bait to join in saltwater fishing. Or you may register for surfing classes.

If you love golfing, there are also more than 30 golf courses in Hilton Head to choose from and putt in. There are also over 300 tennis courts, numerous bike trails and 12 miles of sandy beach to give you a tan. Hilton Head, which is one of the biggest East Coast islands, is a favorite vacation spot for families.

South Carolina Coast USA,

Folly beach crab shack offers the best sea food in Folly beach and Charleston.

South Carolina Foods

Foods are undoubtedly one of the major attractions of the Carolinas. The restaurants by the beaches serve up delectable dishes. Whether traditional or international cuisines or fast food, these eateries serve it up all. From roasted to grilled, boiled to steamed, mocktails to cocktails, there are authentic flavors to be enjoyed.

If you love regional flavors, you must try the local Barbecue with tomato or mustard sauce, Shrimp & Grits – together or separately, boiled peanuts, she-crab soup, Collard greens, Okra, Pecans and Hoppin’ John or field/black-eyed peas. Iced Tea and Frogmore Stew are other local favorites.

South Carolina Coast USA,,

You can enjoy kayaking activities at Hilton head island. Photo courtesy of Hilton Head Island visitors bureau.

Local attractions

The Museum of Confederate History, which contains a large assortment of photos and firearms, must be visited. The Rice Museum offers a glimpse into America’s agricultural history. The Horry museum contains historical information and objects of the Horry County. The Botanical Garden, the biggest sculpture garden Brookgreen Gardens and Riverbanks Zoo are some other places to visit and know about the natural habitats in South Carolina.

South Carolina Coast USA

Locals enjoying the mild weather and lots of activities in and around South Carolina.

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