Best Destinations to Retire Abroad

Some people view retirement as the end of an era, but what if we told you that it is actually a beginning? It is the time when you leave your stressful job behind, when you have no more worries about your kids who are already grownups, and when you can finally relax and have the adventure of your lifetime. With that being said, there is nothing tying you to your boring old hometown, and you can check out retirement options abroad. When choosing your destination, it is important to consider the country’s climate, cost of living and healthcare. Here are six great choices for your perfect retirement retreat.

The Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic retire abroad

The Dominican Republic is a popular retirement destination because of the low cost of living, hospitable locals, and moderate climate, but those are not the only reasons. A law that was introduced in 2007 allows people to retire to this country under generous conditions. There is no age restriction, and the only condition is for the pensioners to have a stable income of at least $1,500 a month. On the other hand, $1,200 is an adequate monthly budget for living in the Dominican Republic. Finally, the pristine white beaches and amazing nature are reasons enough to choose this country to be your retirement home.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Sydney retirement

Australia is increasingly popular retirement destination for those retirees who seek a country with well-developed infrastructure that also offers amazing natural resources. Although there are plenty of expat communities across the country, retirement villages in NSW are unique for their sweeping views of the National Park, tranquil locations, luxury homes and proximity to the urban life. Health and social care facilities in Sydney are of great quality, but you will need to secure an insurance policy from an Australian company.

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thailand is number 12 on The 2017 Annual Global Retirement Index with great healthcare rating (89 of total 100) and estimated monthly living costs of $1,800. Thailand is a country full of excitement and interesting sights, so it helps that there are a lot of transport companies offering travel discounts up to 50% for anyone older than 60. Out of all the expat communities in Thailand, Chiang Mai might just be the best because it offers many attractions and quiet countryside at the same time.


Malta retire abroad

A tiny island floating in the Mediterranean, Malta is an ideal retirement destination. By retiring here, you get the opportunity of living in one of the centuries-old cities, and watching the most delightful pink-gold sunsets every night. For an island in the Mediterranean, the cost of life is reasonably cheap (less than $2,000). Excellent healthcare is an important factor, and private health insurance and hospitalization are also affordable. Finally, it is simply impossible to get bored in Malta since there is an outstanding number of historic sites to discover and plenty of fun festivals.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

This Central American gem is a safe and peaceful country that even has no army. The friendly locals welcome the foreigners with arms wide open, and getting a retirement residence is quite simple. The cost of living is very low, as a retirement couple can make it through the month with a sum between $2,000 and $3,000 . Besides breathtaking sceneries, Costa Rica also provides highly-rated healthcare, both private and public.



More than 850 islands, untouched rainforests, jaw-dropping beaches, clean and modern cities – that is Malaysia. The terms of moving to Malaysia are very flexible. When you arrive there, you receive a three-month visa, and if you decide to buy a property during that period, you can easily do that. The country has some of the best-trained doctors in Asia, and since most of them have studied medicine in the U.K. or the U.S. they are also very proficient in English. The nature in Malaysia is idyllic, but you can also enjoy great food and shopping.

There are many other countries around the globe that offer excellent benefits in terms of healthcare, fitting in, cost of living and possibilities of buying a property. These six destinations stand out for combining outstanding nature, interesting lifestyle and retirement perks.

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