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Want to get involved? Expand your writing portfolio and share your expertise and enthusiasm by contributing to Sun Refugee!
We are always networking and accepting applications to write travel post on the blog. Sun Refugee its a community of travel writer addicts and new-passport-holders alike. These pieces serve to help our community deepen their knowledge of what it means to study, volunteer, teach, intern, or spend a gap year abroad (or just experience life in a foreign country!).

If you are breaking into the online travel industry, are fresh off a wonderful semester abroad, or just looking to reach a bigger audience, contributing articles to Sun Refugee is an ideal place to start or expand! Why? You’re not just refining your knowledge on a subject, you’re developing your online writing skills.

How it Works: You will need to sign up to write your articles or if you prefer, just send us your work along with a few photos for post purposes in these two preferable languages (English or Spanish). The formula is to focused on beaches, sunny places on the hidden path or backpacking experiences you had. Please “NOT” major tourist traps destinations. Other topics for post we look for are: Mission work stories, environmental write ups, National parks, etc.. A Sun Refugee editor will be in touch with expectations and stylistic guidelines for the piece you are contributing.

You do NOT have to contribute an article each month, but are certainly invited and encouraged to. You can opt out of being a Sun Refuge contributor at any time after you been selected, just give us enough time in advance. (usually, 30 days notice).

Payment: Though this is an unpaid position, we will find unique and creative ways to reward our contributors (and we don’t just mean virtual high fives!). We can all benefit of being contributors of this blog, weather be neat opportunities and connections in the industry or putting a good word for you. Not to mention getting you exposure on the site, will help build your online writing portfolio.

Apply today!
Fill the Application below. Applications are considered year-round and accepted on a rolling basis. The team at Sun Refugee is looking forward to working alongside writers just like you!

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