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Perth, Australia is far I know,. however Perth its blessed with a long coastline of beautiful beaches, in other words its paradise. Mullaloo beach its located in the northern suburbs of and its also a typical example of Aussie love for all things outdoors and of course the beach. Laze on the soft white sand or take a dip in the refreshing calm waters of the Indian ocean. Bike rides and beach path connect this beautiful sandy landscape to neighboring beaches and walking trails along the coast.

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Beach paths connect Mullaloo to neighboring beaches.

The northern part of this stretch of coastline is where surfers head to catch the higher waves. In the south end the waves tend to be moderate making it the best area for swimming. The region also boost one of the most beautiful parkland areas suitable for picnics and family gathering.

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Walking on the beach its just such an relaxing activity for locals and visitors.

The beach caters to all, wheelchair access to local surf clubs. The local surf life saving club provides peace of mind with lifeguard patrols on weekends.

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Yoga enthusiast practice their moves right on the beach, on other occasions you can see a whole class having a session.

Mullaloo offers divine opportunities to recharge after maybe a difficult week, Lots of people get out and take advantage of such natural environment, yoga clubs draw some energy from the Indian Ocean and the precious golden sun., the strong pull of such amazing surroundings encourage many to set clear intention to banish outdated habits and clear your mind or whatever is holding from true greatness or just simply turn p and celebrate life and enjoy the weekend.

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Enjoying the sunset on a warm day its a favorite activity for locals and visitors.

A lot of locals and visitors enjoy walking the beach in the late afternoon because its a bit cooler than the hot sun of mid afternoon plus its the best time to enjoy a magnificent sunset.

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You will find many incredible places to have a bite whether you fancy a sandwich or a gourmet meal.

Bring along a picnic lunch and settle down under the shady trees for the afternoon or indulge in a feast of fish and chips whilst admiring the stunning Western Australian sunset.

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Taking a walk alone at Malluloo’s vast white sandy beach will recharge you energy for whatever you goals are next.

With about an 80 kilometer stretch of coastline with beautiful beaches to enjoy each community along the coast offer their own unique surroundings and breathtaking views Mullaloo beach has all the ingredients for a fun day out.

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