A few things travel has taught this year.

1. That there is room for everyone but the news keep telling you otherwise. who would you listen to better the TV or your heart?

2. That opinion is fickle, especially due to caprice, irresolution or instability. A visit to the Sidney Opera House revealed an interesting twist in the tale of recognition for your work. Today, the world sees those interlocking sails as one of the icons of global architecture, and inspiration that went on to define a whole country. But back in 1966, Sidney gave the guys the sack. So roll with the good and the bad, you never know what the verdict will be in the end.

3. That 50 shades of grey is just the number the author picked,. there is actually more.

4. That forest fires besides being scary they can be good but that crocodiles up close are not.

5. That there is more to see than can ever be seen and yet there is some more you don’t know of.

6. That I need to slow down, that your own speed is the best speed.

7. That small countries are stunning, bigger doesn’t necessarily means better.

8. That rain can be beautiful, I know we have lots of rain in BC and people can get depressed because of it but believe me, we don’t have to sacrifice the innocent for it.

9. That the Twelve Apostles are magical, trust me, when you are walking down the carved stairs and reached the bottom of the cliff, walking on the sand towards the beach you can feel the mighty energy of the waves and the fresh salty wind of the coast in your face. Is the best natural moisturize you can apply to your face.

10. That everything changes – including us –  even parts we thought never would.

11. That any airport in the US can be the worst ever. Then again standing at a corner in L.A’s 8th and Figueroa can be even worse than I remember.

12. That using the Myki public transit pass in Melbourne feels like freedom, in Vancouver, like endless redtape.

13. That persistence pays off.

14. That starting to listen to my instincts pays off, and say yes to insurance on hire cars while driving on another continent.

15. That buying a good quality camping cot can pay off even more, just ask my back!

16. And that it always pays off to dream – and then to go right ahead to act on those dreams.

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 It’s about the longing for a sense of place, peaceful shelter, something that speaks to refuge and distance from the everyday. it’s about how people feel when traveling. It’s not about being concerned with ownership or how much you have in the bank. The very time-shortened notion of life reminds us that it’s a temporary respite...

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