Discover the Most Beautiful Sights of Western Australia.

Swimming with whale sharks, manta rays, and dolphins, enjoying dreamy beaches with kangaroos chilling by your side, indulging in amazing locally produced food while the ocean scent soothes your heartbeat, savoring some of the world’s best wines while discovering new shades of fiery red during a sunset – sounds like a dream? Nope, it’s just a regular day in Western Australia. Its isolated position created an incredible ecosystem and natural wonders unlike any other in the world. Here are the things you need to discover in this fraction of paradise in the Land Down Under.

A riddle scientist can’t solve: a bubble-pink lake

Western Australia

Western Australia has two pink lakes to boast about: Lake Hillier is a pink lake located in the Middle Island, while there is another one located near the town of Esperance. The first one cannot be approached, but there are many exciting helicopter tours that offer you a chance to soak its beauty from a bird’s perspective. Scientists are puzzled by its pink color and unlike other pink lakes that change their shades due to the changes in weather conditions and shifts in temperature – Lake Hillier stays the same color year-round. The pink lake near Esperance can be visited, although it’s not as vividly pink. Bird lovers will be pleased to hear it’s an ecologically important area as it’s a home to various bird species.

Swimming with the gentle giants: Ningaloo Reef

turtle Western Australia

In Australia, it’s all about living in touch with nature. Located in the mid north coast of the Western Australia, Ningaloo Reef offers you a precious opportunity to take a swim with whale sharks and explore other creatures of the marine world: turtles, dolphins, tropical fish, manta rays, as well as corals and underwater flora. Nature’s cycles are amazing and precise , so you may want to visit between March and July in order to greet all the sea beings and enjoy the brightness and vividness of the awaken corals. Touristy towns offer daily boat trips to Ningaloo Reef: there are eco-friendly themed tours (e.g. whale sharks tours, or swimming with the humpback whales) so you can choose according to your interests.

Plunge in the crystal clear pools: Karijini National Park


Visiting Karijini National Park is an experience that makes you feel humbled when faced with the amazing beauty and power of nature. It’s located about two hours from the town called Newman, but there are organized trips from every tourist spot. It’s best to explore it on a 4WD tour: whether you choose a guided tour or are keen to go on an adventure on your own and rent your own vehicle, it makes the area a lot more accessible.

Also, there is an amazing opportunity of camping in these nature areas. You can consult the professionals from Watsons Jayco about the best camping and caravaning options. Make sure to visit the only permanent waterfall in the park, Fortescue Falls: take a swim in its mesmerizing pool for a memory that will never fade. Hamersley Gorge offers you an opportunity to relax in natural spa waters. Go through rock tunnels, hike over boulders, explore gorges (Hancock Gorge is stunning), or paddle through the crystal clear waterways. Karijini National Park is a treat for adventurous spirits.

Enjoy the sunniest capital: Perth

Perth Western Australia

An incredible mixture of urban culture and natural surroundings, Perth is worth visiting for numerous reasons. Let’s start with the waterside dining: not many people know that 2016 brought some interesting changes. Elizabeth Quay by the Swan River is developing, creating the perfect scenery for restaurants which brought new names to the culinary world. Indulge in amazing fresh seafood (yummy recipes include oysters, fried tuna, and spices), gourmet burgers, pork, pasta, pancakes, etc. For all the wine lovers, go for a wine tasting trip and visit the Swan Valley: many wineries have excellent menu offers and additional programs (e.g. olive oil production or chocolate manufacturing).

From daily trips to the city’s surroundings to arts and culture, there are many attractions in Perth . Make sure to visit the King’s Park and the Botanic Garden: it’s most stunning during the Annual Spring Festival in September. A short ferry boat ride from Perth can take you to the Rottnest Island: it has 63 stunning beaches, 20 beautiful bays, and many breathtaking reefs you can explore. Ferry stations offer bicycle rentals, so consider cycling to discover the area.

Eerie yellow desert pinnacles: Nambung National Park


Thousands of tall pinnacles in the desert area of the Nambung National Park have been formed during a period of over millions of years. Face these natural wonders, take some amazing pictures: the feeling is strange, almost as if you’re walking on the moon surface. Consider visiting the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre to learn more about this area and its history, as well as the geological process of pinnacles forming. Entry to the desert area is charged $12 per vehicle.

Western Australia has a lot to offer: from relaxing beaches and various activities to natural wonders and gourmet delights – there is something for everyone. Start packing!

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