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South Carolina Coast.

South Carolina is one of the British colonies that developed the U.S. It stands by the beautiful and fearsome Atlantic Ocean and has numerous beaches and local attractions that draw visitors and tourists from all over the world. This gorgeous place has an amazing history. It played a big role in the American Civil War, […]

North Carolina Coast USA Post pic

North Carolina Coast.

North Carolina, one of the original 13 colonies, is a state in southeastern United States. Often in the news for floods and hurricanes, this is actually a beautiful place that sees people from all parts of the world coming to witness its beauty from up-close. Whoever visits the Carolinas has only good things to gush about the […]

Playa, nieve y selva Parques nacionales de Venezuela Post pic

Playas, Nieve y Selva: Los principales parques nacionales de Venezuela.

Venezuela no solo es mundialmente famosa por sus reinas de belleza y su comida, sino también por sus asombrosos paisajes naturales que pueden ser encontrados en los múltiples parques nacionales que alberga. Venezuela cuenta con más de 40 parques nacionales distribuidos por todo su territorio nacional. Debido a la diversidad de climas y ecosistemas es […]

The Seaside State of Slovenia Post pic

Slovenia the charming seaside state.

Gift уоursеlf wіth а beautiful аnd memorable vacation this year in thе luxury of thе picturesque Slovenian Coast. Thе coast mаkеs fоr а wonderful destination, аlоng thе Gulf оf Trieste, constituting thе northernmost region оf thе Adriatic Sea. Slovenia’s Seaside – Beautiful location, Lots of Fun! Yes, indeed. The 46 km Slovene coast is situated іn […]

Most Charming Medieval Towns in France Post pic

Most Charming Medieval Towns in France.

The Medieval period in France was the time when Paris was declared a capital and the French people and their country developed their national identity. Moreover, this was a great time for artists and writers. There were downfalls and tragedies, like the Black Death epidemic, as well. However, the remains of these amazing and eventful […]