The Five Most Intriguing Scenic Routes in Germany.

Germany is a country full of splendid scenic routes and intriguing themed roads. There are well over a hundred routes, each one perfect for enjoying the pleasures of the open road with plenty of opportunities for sightseeing.
But where should you start in such a scenic, diverse and car-friendly country? Here’s a selection of the very best tourist routes in Germany not to be missed.

The Five Most Intriguing Scenic Routes in Germany.

The Deutsche Alpenstraße, winds for 450 kms through the Bavarian Alps.

The German Alpine Road
To enjoy some stunning rural scenery, embark on a winding odyssey through the foothills of the German Alps. The route stretches 300 miles from Lake Constance to Königssee, and is replete with majestic castles, mountain lakes and architectural charms.
There are numerous sights along the way that are worth paying a visit, as well as plenty of Alpine activities to fill your time. Explore rustic villages, work up a sweat on the numerous walking trails and admire the stunning views from the numerous high points such as Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgaden.

The Romantic Road
A great option for couples or those enamored with urban exploration, the Romantic Road is a 261-mile route through the picturesque foothills of the Bavarian Alps. This is one of the best-loved roads in Germany, and for good reason. The landscape is dotted with medieval towns, fairy-tale castles, vineyards and secluded monasteries.
The road beings in Würzburg, a World Heritage city situated in the heart of Franconia wine country. It passes through romantic Rothenberg, famed for its well-preserved old town, before taking in several other appealing cities and UNESCO-listed sites.
The route ends in Füssen, home to Neuschwantein, one of Germany’s most enchanting castles. You can finish your journey here, or use the town as a base to launch explorations into the nearby Alps.

Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Brother Grimm are some of the inspiration behind the Fairy tale road.

Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Brothers Grimm are some of the inspiration behind Germany’s Fairy tale road.

The Fairy Tale Road
Visit the Fairy Tale Road to uncover the mystical charms of small town Germany. The route stretches northwards from the town of Hanau towards its end point in Bremen. The Brothers Grimm lived in this region and drew inspiration from their surroundings for their famous fairy tales, including Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and many more.
This route is especially great for the kids. Let them relive their favorite tales by exploring the mystical castles, forests and medieval landmarks that dot the landscape. Many stop-off points along the route offer family-friendly activities, including plays, puppet shows, parades and dedicated fairy tale museums, all of which help bring the stories to vivid life.

The German Wine Route
Wine enthusiasts will love exploring the wonderful German Wine route, which stretches 85 kilometers through Rhineland-Palatinate. This route is short but sweet, offering multiple opportunities to sample the local produce at the region’s renowned wineries.
After a couple of glasses, be sure to put the driving aside for a while and take the opportunity to explore some of the beautiful surrounding countryside. Roman ruins, atmospheric castles and even an ancient volcano or two all beg to be explored.

The Five Most Intriguing Scenic Routes in Germany.

The Geman Wine Route is littered with famous wine-making estates and historical wine towns.

The Autobahn
If gently meandering roads aren’t your thing and you’re in search of a little adrenaline, take a visit to one of the most thrilling routes by checking out the Autobahn, one of the fastest roadways in the world.
This famous German road is purpose-built for fast cruising, as there is no speed limit set on 65 percent of it. The extensive network totals approximately eight thousand miles and is superbly designed and maintained.
The Autobahn is perfect for those looking to cover large distances fast, significantly reducing traveling time between major cities. But the scenery is also worth slowing down to enjoy, as many stretches of the Autobahn pass beautiful portions of German countryside. A stand-out section is the route from Cologne to Nuremberg and the Czech border: It passes mountain ranges, forests and numerous quaint villages.

Whether you’re in search of speed or looking to sit back, relax and watch the landscape slowly unfold, Germany is sure to meet all your road trip needs. The landscapes, architecture, history and cultural insights that dot these scenic routes ensure you won’t leave disappointed!

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