How to Say hi in 30 Lenguages

How to Say Cheers in 30 Languages

CHEERS! Here’s to you! Bottom’s up! The clinking of glasses can help cement friendships and celebrate new ones — it’s an expression of goodwill and one that every traveler should know. So raise your glass to the people you meet at airports, hostels around the world, tourist kiosk volunteers, tour bus guides of the world […]

Add a soundtrack to your holidays Post pic

Add a soundtrack to your travel holidays!

I was standing on a beach in Australia last Spring, sitting in the sand, being a sun refugee, enjoying the beautiful sun, taking in the fresh air and the smell of the sea along the Great Ocean Road. Watching the waves reshape the sand endlessly when it dawned on me about adding a soundtrack to […]

Sublime Sunsets Around the World 6 post pic

Sublime sunsets around the world

First off we have New Zealand which is among the first countries to experience sunrise- and, as a result, sunset. The South Island’s 450km-long Southern Alps, known for their glaciers and glacial lakes, create an epic landscape that is well suited to hikers who want to enjoy dusk in serene isolation. (Annie Griffiths/National Geographic Creative) […]

Living with no regrets

Living with no regrets!.

The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” ~ Unknown Every time I embark to go on a trip a bit of planning takes place but I don’t let it take over the excitement of not knowing what the trip will be like for the sake of keeping […]

10 signs you were born and raised in Nicaragua Post pic

10 signs you were born and raised in Nicaragua.

1. When you need to get a taxi at the airport, you buy someone a drink before the plane lands. By ordering the best rum in the world “Flor de Caña” and inviting the person next to you to cheers you can make your friendships on the flight to Managua, chances are someone on the […]

Write a postcard to a friend Post pic

Write a postcard to a friend..

I got a postcard from a friend of mine from Haida Gwaii recently and to my surprise I was overwhelm with this joyful sensation that took me back to my childhood,. you know, way back at the dawn of time—or at least before twitter and Facebook—friends usually told friends and loved ones of their travels […]

Reservación en internet vs. agente de viajes.

En estos tiempos todos hemos experimentado reservar nuestras vacaciones al menos una o dos veces en la internet, nos hemos convertido en maestros de nuestro propio destino virtual, aparte de unos pocos excursionistas que nunca han abandonado el hogar sin necesidad de conectarse fisicamente con al menos un representante de viajes en carne y hueso. […]

Speaking of outside art Post pic

Speaking of outside art..

Melbourne is filled with some of the most inventive bridges I’ve seen in the middle of a city center. If you’re a fan of crazy, funky, modern bridges, then this is a great place for you. Even better, the bridges look totally different at night than during the day… it reminds me a lot of […]

World Water Day March 22nd Post pic

World Water Day March 22nd.

I promised my friends at Waves for Water I would help them spread the word about the great work they do and how they are helping people and their communities. Here is what they do: People living in impoverished areas die every day from drinking dirty water. While having access to clean water is a […]

Heated when needed.

Heated when needed, alternative heating.

People naturally wants to heat the buildings they are in rather than heat themselves. It would be best for the environment as a whole to wear a pair of socks or put on a sweater when at home instead of cracking up the heater. One way to keep warm is to adjust your thinking of […]