what is rare is valuable Post pic

Only what is rare is valuable!.

The Greek Philosopher Plato argued it is scarcity that gives a resource its valuable, and water, which is the best of all things.. is also the cheapest. That water was cheapest, for a logical master such as Plato, have meant it was a plentiful resource – a resource for which there was no competition. Read […]

Columpio at the end of the world Post pic

El Columpio at the end of the world,. would you do it?

Swing sets are typically used by children on a playground, but this makeshift contraption known as the Swing at the End of the World or as I came to call it “El Columpio de la Muerte” “The Swim of Death” is only for the bravest adventurers willing to take the risk of falling off the […]

Oysters always taste best when you open them yourself

Oysters taste best when you open them yourself.

Kosterhavet National Park, which was established in 2009 on the centennial of Europe’s first national parks, a set of nine parks all in Sweden. In conjunction with Norway’s adjoining Ytre Hvaler National Park, Kosterhavet protects a sprawl of ocean about the size of Vermont that’s home to some 6,000 marine species. Kosterhavets is centred around […]

Syrian refugees and the other migrant crisis Post pic

Syrian refugees and the other migrant crisis.

There is nothing new about the Syrian refugee crisis being follow by the press at the doorsteps of Europe,. The Mexico/US border has seen the same if not one of the worst cross-border exodus of human smuggling on the planet. Sure, some of the circumstances might be slightly different but not by much,. Central America […]

Illegal wildlife trafficking Post pic

Wildlife trafficking, another crisis we can’t ignore!

A White Rhino and her calf walk in the dusk light in Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa’s North West Province April 19, 2012. Elephant and rhino poaching is surging, conservationists say, an illegal piece of Asia’s scramble for African resources, driven by the growing purchasing power of the region’s newly affluent classes. In South […]

Beijing, raw and forbidden even from the air

Beijing, raw and forbidden even from the air!

When I went to China a few years ago i heard of things being confiscated specially photography and videos. Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs made this really awesome video recently with a quadcopter. All the footage was shot with a GoPro. Beijing is the seat of all Chinese government power. So, deciding to fly […]

Los Aeropuertos mas peligrosos del mundo Post pic

Los Aeropuertos mas peligrosos del mundo!

Si bien estadísticamente el avión es el medio de transporte más seguro del mundo, las probabilidades de tener un accidente seguramente crecen si uno debe utilizar unas de las diez pistas de aterrizaje más difíciles y complicadas del mundo. Los instrumentos de última tecnología de los aeropuertos modernos -donde se puede aterrizar en forma automática- […]

Joe Brown, It will make you feel incredibly rich Post pic.

Joe Brown, It will make you feel incredibly rich.

We are heading into September and still the weather its quite warm. Fall seems to be just a vague word in your brain when you are walking at Joe Brown, for some reason unknown to me its always sunny as we venture into one of our hidden jewels of my community,. As we enter the […]

Travel pick up lines!. vol.3

When traveling humor can also be use as an ice-breaker in other cultures, everyone understands it as a common language and we all get a kick out of making a little fun with places we’ve visited. Something else I’ve also experienced is I love the light in people’s eyes when they learn that you have […]