El Columpio at the end of the world,. would you do it?

Swing sets are typically used by children on a playground, but this makeshift contraption known as the Swing at the End of the World or as I came to call it “El Columpio de la Muerte” “The Swim of Death” is only for the bravest adventurers willing to take the risk of falling off the edge of a cliff while swinging high in the air. Located in Baños, Ecuador at La Casa del Árbol (The Treehouse), this incredible swing greets hikers at an elevation of 2,660 meters. It invites anyone daring enough to ride it.

Columpio at the end of the world Post pic

El Columpio de la Muerte

Those who choose to ride the swing are given a unique perspective of the surrounding landscape, which includes a view of the Tungurahua volcano. One could only imagine the excitement that rushes through one’s body as they sway back and forth, hovering over a long drop every few seconds, which clearly comes across as a heart-pumping experience. The activity seems to offer a serious adrenaline rush given the construction of the swing itself, which appears to be nothing more than a plank of wood hanging by two ropes attached to a metal rod high above.
Though in pictures it seems like an incredibly thrilling experience, it leads one to question: “Would I have the nerve to ride a swing over a giant abyss?”

Columpio at the end of the world 1

The meserias en un columpio asi?

Columpio at the end of the world 2

El Columpio at the end of the world 2

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