Travel pick up lines!. vol.3

When traveling humor can also be use as an ice-breaker in other cultures, everyone understands it as a common language and we all get a kick out of making a little fun with places we’ve visited.

Something else I’ve also experienced is I love the light in people’s eyes when they learn that you have visited their country, and seeing the happiness when I use words and phrases that I picked up while I was there and ended up enjoying a good laugh!.. in fact humor and sharing a laugh has gotten me information, a good place to eat or a fair money exchange,. try some of these on your next travel adventure.

Travel pick up lines!. vol.3

Laugh can be a good way to break the ice while traveling.

Mark Twain, as he usually did, said it perfectly: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

So here are a few jokes you can try when finding yourself in the middle of an awkward situation. And if you happen to have a few of your own or heard some from a friend feel free to add them and share a good laugh with the rest of us in the comments below would ya?,. enjoy!.

  • I Ecua-dor you!
  • Do you mind if I sit down, ’cause Jamaican me heart race!
  • Would you go on a date with me? because you’re so Dublin my heart rate.
  • We Bali know each other, but I Jakarta take my eyes off you!

  • Hi, “Hanoi’ce to meet you, ‘Ha long’ you been coming here?
  • Are you heading to India? ’cause I’d Goa anywhere with you!
  • You must be from Paris, ’cause you’re driving me in-Seine.
  • I know you are the one ever since you Cayman to my life.
  • You must be from Prague, because I can’t help but Czech you out!
  • Norway are you leaving me without giving me your number.


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