Three of the World's most active volcanoes

Three of the World’s most active volcanoes.

I love volcanoes, why you may ask? I don’t know,.. I just do. Their energy, their majestic presence or may be because where I was born is often refer as The land of Lakes and Volcanoes with 13 of them located within 200 kilometers on a little strip of land on the pacific side from the […]

Five hotels you should visit before you die! Post pic

Five hotels you should visit before you die!.

A good hotel can make or break a trip. The worst hotel in the best place is still going to make retiring after a long day an unfortunate experience. The best hotel in the worst place, on the other hand, can be something of an oasis. Take the best hotels and put them in the […]

Antartica collapsing beauty.

A massive glacier system in West Antarctica has started collapsing because of global warming and will contribute to significant worldwide sea-level rise, two teams of scientists warn in a pair of major studies released Monday. Scientists had previously thought the two-mile-thick (3.2 kilometers) glacier system would remain stable for thousands of years, but new research […]

Weekend Cabin Series #6

A Cabin For My Weekend! #6

Steep Ravine Mt. Tamalpais, Mill Valley, California. One of the secrets of California state parks are the nine Steep Ravine cabins on Mt. Tamalpais just north of San Francisco. Mt. Tam, of course, is one of the birthplaces of mountain biking. It shelters 6,300 acres of redwoods, oaks, and meadows, with views to the Farallon […]

Best Travel Pick up Lines vol. 5

Travel pick up lines!. vol.5

The act of traveling is an impossible broad category, it can encompass both the death march and the cruise ship. Travel has no inherent moral character, no necessary outcome. It can be precious or worthless, productive or destructive. It can be ennobling or self-satisfied. The returns can be only as good as what we offer […]

Weekend Cabin Series #5 Post pic

A Cabin For My Weekend! #5

The Stone House, Fafe, Portugal Note to self: If you ever build a weekend cabin, don’t make it so unique that it becomes a tourist attraction. In 1974, Vítor Rodrigues built a family retreat in the Fafe Mountains of Portugal by connecting a series large glacial erratics with stone and mortar. It has become so […]

Maravillas naturales de Sur America

Maravillas Naturales de Sur America

You ever wonder how many places can you see on a trip to South America besides Machu Pichu? Well,. let me tell you there is more than a tourist trap to fall in love with some of the fascinating places in Sur America. Neglected places?, yes!. but we want them that way because its the […]

Striking images of New Zealand

Striking images of New Zealand

Going down to New Zealand was an amazing and magical trip, Its not easy to get to see these places and have a chance at discovering these magnificent places unless you know friends or locals who can take you to the most beautiful and peaceful landscapes where tourist are absolutely non existent from the every […]

Weekend Cabin Series #4

A Cabin For My Weekend! #4

Gulf Islands, British Columbia. The modern cabin is all too frequently more modern than cabin, but the four small dwellings designed by Osburn Clarke in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia are decidedly grounded in the traditional. Yet they still retain the open and airy nature of the contemporary. They take advantage of coastal B.C.’s […]