Maravillas Naturales de Sur America

You ever wonder how many places can you see on a trip to South America besides Machu Pichu? Well,. let me tell you there is more than a tourist trap to fall in love with some of the fascinating places in Sur America. Neglected places?, yes!. but we want them that way because its the only way these places has survivde the wrath of armies of tourist,. forgotten?, No by the locals!.. and that’s a good thing because I feel tourist companies don’t care anymore about respecting the traditions the remain in these isolated areas considering isolation their only way to survive.

1- The superlatives keep coming. This gigantic lake spilling over the Altiplano between Bolivia and Peru is the world’s highest navigable body of water.

Maravillas naturales de Sur America 1

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia 1

2- Amazon River Brazil by volume, the Amazon is far and away the largest river on Earth. With hundreds of huge tributaries (such as the Rio Negro below), its drainage basin accounts for 40% of South America’s land area.

Maravillas naturales de Sur America 2

Amazon River Brazil 2

3- Iguazu Falls, Paraguay Tucked in a corner at the borders of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, the 275 falls of Iguazu dwarf Niagara and have to be one of the most amazing sights anywhere.

Maravillas naturales de Sur America 3

Iguazu Falls, Paraguay 3

4- This archipelago 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador is famous for its high number of endemic species and its influence on Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.

Maravillas naturales de Sur America 4

Galapagos Island, Ecuador 4

5- Angel falls Venezuela

Maravillas naturales de Sur America 5

Angel Falls Venezuela 5

6- Torres del Paine, Chille Daggers of mountain peaks, glacial lakes, and guanaco define southern Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park.

Maravillas naturales de Sur America 6

Torres del Paine, Chille 6

7- Things get extreme at the “End of the World,” the continent’s southernmost tip. The island’s scrubby trees grow horizontally in the face of strong Antarctic winds.

Maravillas naturales de Sur America 7

southernmost tip Argentina 7

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