A Cabin For My Weekend! #5

The Stone House, Fafe, Portugal

Weekend Cabin Series #5 Post pic

The Stone House, Fafe, Portugal

Note to self: If you ever build a weekend cabin, don’t make it so unique that it becomes a tourist attraction. In 1974, Vítor Rodrigues built a family retreat in the Fafe Mountains of Portugal by connecting a series large glacial erratics with stone and mortar. It has become so popular, though, and the Rodrigues clan is so rarely there, that they’ve had to make the glass bulletproof and the door thick steel to keep looters and vandals at bay. Maybe a nice traditional log cabin the woods next time.

Weekend Cabin Series #5 1

The Stone House, Fafe, Portugal 2

Weekend Cabin Series #5 -2

The Stone House, Fafe, Portugal 2

*Know of a great cabin or want to feature yours? Please leave me a comment below..
A Cabin for my weekend It’s about the longing for a sense of place, for peaceful shelter, for something that speaks to refuge and distance from the everyday. Nostalgic and wistful, it’s about how people create structure in ways to consider the earth and sky and their place in them. It’s not concerned with ownership or real estate, but what people build to fulfill their dreams of escape. The very time-shortened notion of “weekend” reminds that it’s a temporary respite...

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