A Cabin For My Weekend! #1

Hood Canal, Washington

The waters near this re-designed boathouse stay chilly even at the height of mid-summer, making it a haven for oystering. It’s this temperature that keeps the waters clear, but the cold also makes winter storage space important. Near the water on the shores of the Hood Canal, Seattle-based architects Bosworth Hoedemaker have transformed 1950′s boat storage into a marine retreat, without losing the original function — in this cabin, you can get cozy and winter over your boat.

Weekend Cabin 1 Post #12

Hood Canal, Washington.

On the ground level, sliding double doors open up the entire first floor, in addition to providing a wind break. Originally a simple concrete square, the architects managed to re-work the entire building without changing the height or total footprint. Salvaged details, like the marine plywood, keep the atmosphere authentic. Best yet, they managed to keep form from replacing function: A polished madrone staircase, for example, adds elegance, but still lifts with a block and tackle to clear room for boats in dry dock.

Weekend Cabin 1 Post #12 (2)

Hood Canal, Washington.

Weekend Cabin 1 Post #12 (3)

Hood Canal, Washington.

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A Cabin for my weekend It’s about the longing for a sense of place, for peaceful shelter, for something that speaks to refuge and distance from the everyday. Nostalgic and wistful, it’s about how people create structure in ways to consider the earth and sky and their place in them. It’s not concerned with ownership or real estate, but what people build to fulfill their dreams of escape. The very time-shortened notion of “weekend” reminds that it’s a temporary respite...

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