Gratifying graffiti in Paris

I’ve seen two of these graffiti murals in Paris once, one of them is no longer there. Some were amazing work of art in their own sense even if art collectors don’t think they have any value. To me they have amazing social value and impressive message.

This one includes an awesome mix of nature and urban space, by artist Nuxuno Xan. Can be found in Fort De France, Martinique.

Graffiti murals in Paris (1)

Fort De France, Martinique. Nuxuno Xan. 1

Shhhhh! mural, near Centre Pompidou.

Graffiti murals in Paris (2)

Centre Pompidou. 2

I still don’t know what this one is about, but I found it kind of haunting.

Graffiti murals in Paris (3)

Graffiti murals in Paris 3

Here is one from Jimmy C the Australian artist based in London painted this marvelous wall when he visited the city of Paris last October.

Graffiti murals in Paris (4)

Australian artist Jimmy C 4

Seth Globepainter endeavors to decorate the exteriors of buildings with artwork that speak to the locals themselves instead of sticking to some blandly universal subject matter. He depicts characters that look like or symbolize the native people.

Graffiti murals in Paris (5)

Seth Globepainter 5

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