Best things to do in the Gold Coast for unforgettable vacation.

When people first come to think about Australian vacation, what they usually have in mind are either Sydney or Melbourne. However, little do they know that it is actually the Gold Coast that is considered by many to be the capital of tourism on the continent. Reasons behind this are numerous as are the places to visit here. So, with this in mind here are some things you can do in the Gold Coast in order to have a completely unforgettable vacation.


Tamborine rainforest walk

First thing you absolutely must do on your visit to Gold Coast is take a walk on Tamborine forest’s amazing Skywalk . This incredible yet simple structure allows you to enjoy the incredible vividness of a rainforest yet while enjoying all the perks of 21 st century tourism. Go and find out why all the people who visit the place never forget this experience.

Glow worm tours

Even though there are so many marvels on this planet, nothing looks as out-of-this-world as a glow worm cave. Luckily, Gold Coast offers numerous glow worm tours where you can go and see this for yourself. Most of their visitors describe these glow worm formations as something you would more expect to see in a Sci-Fi movie than in a cave.

Whale watching

One of the most alarming thoughts that we face at present day is how some of our world’s species are going extinct. Unfortunately, world’s greatest mammals are on this endangered list as well. However, there is a silver lining here since your journey to the Gold Coast will allow you access to one of the rare places in the world from which you can still go whale watching.

Currumbin wildlife sanctuary

Now, some have hard time connecting the dots between a wildlife and urban setting of Gold Coast but things become clearer once you realize that the link between them is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary . If you decide to bring your kids along the way, your vacation may yet gain a didactic character apart from entertainment oriented one.

Lamington national park

Another thing you may enjoy visiting is the amazing Lamington national park. Some people, like to describe this incredible green oasis, positioned on the Lamington Plateau, as a time machine. The reason behind this is a fact that visit to this place allows you to see what this continent was like before the colonization. With this in mind, this relic of Australian past is definitely worth visiting.

Surfing in paradise

It is no wonder whatsoever why large part of Gold Coast’s coastline is called Surfer’s Paradise, when the place completely lives up to its name. Namely, if you are an experienced surfer you will enjoy waves here, while if you never surfed before it is as good place as any to start. At the beginning, it would be wise to start with stand up paddle boards . You will need to get all your gear and find a proper trainer, but there is never shortage of them in the Gold Coast.

Skypoint climb

Right next to this amazing beach, there is something for all those adrenaline junkies out there as well. One of the ways to make your trip truly unforgettable is to ascend this open climb building and admire the sight below. This climb will truly put what you are made of on a test.

Sea World

Now we already mentioned that Gold Coast is considered to be a capital of Australian tourism but some even go further to name it as capital of entertainment as well. Visiting Sea World with your family or on your own is bound to more than support these claims. While rainforests and natural parks give you chance to admire land borne wildlife, going to the Sea World will present you with its oceanic counterpart.

Dreamworld and Warner Bros theme parks

To continue with fun oriented tours in Gold Coast, here you have two major theme parks. The fact that both of these entertainment centers are in the same city already speaks a lot about its touristic potential and significance for this continent-country. All in all, visiting this theme park is bound to become one of your most cherished memories and one to be retold many times.

As you can see, there is never a dull moment in the Gold Coast. In fact, when the diversity of locations and activities are taken into consideration, it would be safe to claim that Gold Coast has something for virtually everyone. With this in mind, you just cannot afford not to visit this amazing city on your next Australian tour.

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