5 Nice local Restaurants in Playa Ingles y Maspalomas.

Finding a pleasant restaurant in Gran Canaria for a romantic dinner isn’t that easy. You will realize during your first walk to the beach while passing the shopping centers that there is nothing special on the menu cards.
Also, the cards mostly all look the same. While strolling through the beaches’ shopping centers, you’ll see boring-looking sandwiches, meat and fish dishes, fast food, or Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurants every five meters. And sometimes while looking at people’s plates, you’ll realize that it was a pretty good idea to book dinner in your hotel.

5 Restaurant in Playa Ingles y Maspalomas

After a nice sunset walk at the Maspalomas beach, the Restaurante Time might be your best choice for having a typical dinner.

It’s even worse on your first day in Gran Canaria.
After a stressful day with check-in and customs at the airports, the flight itself, and finally reaching your hotel room, the only thing you’ll want is the first welcome-meal in a fantastic environment. You’ll long to sit down with your husband or wife, maybe your children, and order a cold beer and yummy food at the beach.

Though there are exceptions, the real gourmet might be disappointed and your first day will end with a bad mood.
To avoid that bad mood (because we want you to smile on your holidays in Gran Canaria), here’s a list of the top 10 restaurants in the south of the island. These are top-notch restaurants you would almost never find on your walk from the hotel to the beach.

According to thousands of real user reviews, these are the restaurants in Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés with super delicious food, a lovely ambience, and friendly and supportive staff.

Most importantly, these are the restaurants the locals visit for a fancy night out with friends and family. That said, you’re safe to try them out.
So instead of just walking to the beach trying to find some good food (mainly to fill your stomach), jump into your car and visit the following restaurants for their mouth-watering dishes. You deserve it.

Restaurante Marco Polo

Marco Polo Restaurant in Playa Ingles y Maspalomas

After a nice sunset walk Marco Polo might be your best choice for having a great Canarian dessert.

In the heart of Playa del Ingles, you’ll find the Marco Polo Restaurant, for lovers of the Italo-Mediterranean cuisine. Probably one of the best locations for Italian and Spanish food in the touristic area, they don’t only serve pizza and pasta. You have the chance to eat delicious fish and meat dishes and, of course, typical Spanish tapas, all on lovely decorated plates surrounded by a cozy atmosphere. Choose the tostas de salmon ahumado con aguacate y caviar or aguacate con gambas as your entrance meal.

Restaurantes En La Playa Meloneras

Playa Meloneras Restaurant in Playa Ingles y Maspalomas

You can catch the beautiful sunsets while having martini.

Eating out at the Playa Meloneras is an extraordinary experience and exactly what you’re searching for during your holidays. Besides taking a relaxing sunbath, you have plenty of possibilities for a delicious dinner in front of the ocean. In all the wide-open restaurants at the beachfront you get a dreamlike sunset while enjoying international and Canarian dishes. With the location in mind, it isn’t that surprising that you won’t find grumpy staff in these restaurants. All the waiters and waitresses are very friendly, and service-oriented. That’s why we won’t mention any specific restaurant here because all of them give you the chance to have a great time eating delicious food in front of Florida-like scenery.

Restaurante Samsara

Samsara Restaurant in Playa Ingles y Maspalomas

Samsara does not offer you tourist food, which is why mostly locals come to eat here.

The decor of this restaurant (by the way, it’s at the same location as the Restaurante Time) is out of a Balinese fantasy, and your eyes will never rest. The restaurant is decorated nicely all over with Buddhas, pictures, palm trees (and other plants), and books inside a typical Asian environment. If you like, you can even enjoy your dinner on beds. After you have a splendid dinner with typical Asian food and some Spanish touches, go out to the rooftop terrace for a digestif with a view over the Charco de Maspalomas and the dunes.

Restaurante Abrasa

Abrasa Restaurant in Playa Ingles y Maspalomas

Traditional high-quality ingredients with a very modern way of cooking.

Famous for its perfect meat dishes, the restaurant Abrasa in San Fernando offers a wide range of seafood, typical Spanish tapas, and international and local wines. The highlight of experiencing a top-class restaurant is the dessert. If you’re a sweets lover, you may feel like you’re in heaven while tasting most delicious cakes, including the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte from the Black Forest in Germany. Enjoy your dinner on the rooftop terrace combined with a stunning sunset view over Gran Canaria’s mountains.

Restaurante El Salsete

El Salsete Restaurant in Playa Ingles y Maspalomas

The best way to eat authentic Canarian local food is to go where the locals eat.

The essence of the plates in the restaurant El Salsete in San Fernando is the creative process to combine typical Canarian recipes with a touch of modern cuisine, while always respecting the original flowers. If you’re normally not keen to try authentic Canarian dishes, this is the perfect place to sample them with some modifications. Besides daily special menus, you can order local tapas, soups, and, of course, fresh fish and meat plates, all accompanied by local wines, or beer. Want to try something totally Canarian as your dessert? Order Mousse de Gofio. You will love it.

Buen provecho and a great night out with your friends and family

The above-mentioned restaurants promise a wonderful evening while tasting a world of delicious flavors. Since these restaurants are very popular, bear in mind to make a reservation a few days before going. If you’ve visited one restaurant on this list, we’d like to see your review or comment below.

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