Best places for family vacation in Sidney.

Would you take your family on a vacation at the end of the World? Well, you do not have to go that far, but you can definitely try and reach one of the remote corners of it – Australia. Thousands of tourists visit Sydney every year and among those people are many families. They come to the Land Down Under to see the remarkable culture and nature, and to have some family fun together. Luckily for them, Sydney is not the place to disappoint when it comes to family activities. Here are some of them that families find enjoyable.

Best places for family vacation in Sidney

Festival of the Wind at Bondi beach. photo courtesy of Nicole Noel.

Beaches – Festival of the Winds

Bondi beach and Bondi park become all filled up with people when the time comes for the Festival of the Winds. Thousands of people come to fly their most amazing kites and show them off. You and your family can join and fly your kite, or just sit down and observe others while they do it.
The age of your child will be very important once you try to decide what sort of activity to offer to them while in Sydney. It is always fun to try the Zoo, because they have activities for all ages and they have many activities for the disabled children, as well. You can never go wrong there.

Best places for family vacation in Sidney

Taronga Zoo perfect for the bravest and adventurous. photo courtesy of Nicole Noel.

A Day Spent at the Taronga Zoo

Just entering the Zoo is very fun for the kids and for the adults as well. You can reach it by ferry or you can take a bus or come by your own car. It is best if you plan your tour ahead. There is daily schedule of the keeper’s talks in the Zoo, so that you can register and listen to the most exciting stories from the Zoo. For the bravest and the most adventurous families, there is the Wild Ropes course that will teach you how to climbs and work the ropes of the jungle.

Randwick City Horse Ride

Very near to the city centre is the Randwick area. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to stay in Sydney but get an entirely different experience. It is a great idea to find accommodation in Randwick area for a day or two and spend them horse riding with your family.

Powerhouse Museum

This interactive heaven for the curious kids will entertain your young ones for hours. If your kid is younger than 16, they will get free entrance. People at the Powerhouse museum organized the entire place so that different workshops and talks engage kids into the arts and science. There is a permanent exhibition about space that can make an excellent thing to look at if your kid is into the Star Wars.

Best places for family vacation in Sidney..

Tour Sidney from a different perspective aboard a Sidney Harbor ship. Photo courtesy of Nicole Noel.


A boat ride is always something that the kids love. It is even more special when you have a tour guide and they explain everything that you see in an interesting way. And you will see some great stuff, because Sydney has a very interesting waterfront. The Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor and the Bridge will be there for you to see them from the entirely different perspective.

Best places for family vacation in Sidney

Photo courtesy of Nicole Noel.

The Rocks

This is the oldest part of Sydney and it is a must-see for every tourist. You can just spend the day wandering the streets and exploring the old buildings or even visiting museums and art galleries. One great idea for the afternoon is to finish your walk under the Bridge and make a family picnic there. In this way, you can sum up the impressions together and enjoy the lovely outdoors.

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