Travel pick up lines!. vol.6

Modern tourism does not promise transformation but rather the possibility of leaving home and coming back without any significant change or challenge. Tourists may enjoy the visit only because it is short. The memory of it, the retelling, will always be better. Whereas travel is about the unexpected, about giving oneself over to disorientation, tourism is safe, controlled and predetermined. We take a vacation, not so much to discover a new landscape, but to find respite from our current one, an antidote to routine. Ilan Stavans and Joshua Ellison.

Travel pick up lines!. vol.6

When traveling humour can also be use as an ice-breaker in other cultures.

*We may be two ships that pass in the night, but I must have your number before you Ceylon.

*I bet that glittering crystal ball was made in Poland to make you look so bueno on the Gdansk floor.

*You make me want to get a financial consultant in Alaska. “Why?” Well, Juneau you have a Kenai for Fairbanks.

*These are for the second post:

*Feeling sad & lonely? Come here, I vatican make you feel better.

*I hate to be a Budapest, but I’m Hungary for your heart.

*I saw London, I saw France….can I see your underpants.

*What took you so long? I’ve been kuwaiting for you my whole life.

*Who needs a map when one can Rome freely in your beautiful eyes?

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