Travel pick up lines!. vol.2

I enjoy a good laugh!.. in fact it has got me information, a good place to eat or a fair money exchange,. try some of these on your next travel adventure.

The act of traveling is an impossible broad category, it can encompass both the death march and the cruise ship. Travel has no inherent moral character, no necessary outcome. It can be precious or worthless, productive or destructive. It can be ennobling or self-satisfied. The returns can be only as good as what we offer of ourselves in the process. So what distinguishes meaningful, fruitful travel from mere tourism? What turns travel into a quest rather than self-serving escapism?

Travel pick up lines vol.2

At least learn these phrases of the place you are heading to: Please. Thank you. I’m sorry.

*Everything has been so wonderful since you Cayman to my life.

*This wouldn’t feel like a Lonely Planet if I were with you.

*You must be from Prague, because I can’t help but Czech you out.

*Are you from South England? Cause you Brighton up my day.

*Your clothes would look great on my Florence.

*Would you allow me Du-bai you a drink?

*Norway are you leaving without giving me your number!

*I know we just met, but I Cairo lot about you.

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