There is No Place like Home, The Vada story!

I certainly can appreciate Dorothy’s famous quote from the Wizard of Oz, “there is no place like home”. I experienced this first hand but like any challenging situation you make the best of it and adapt as best as you can.

While in SW Ontario I had limited internet, and therefore, I would improvise. Sometimes driving 115 kms for the closest Starbucks, just to catch up on current events back home. The local storms did not help much, the roaring thunder and incredible lightning shows looming in the distance, as well as winds so fierce, and pounding rain knocked the power out for hours.

Not a lot of fun when you have limited electricity to begin with. On the other hand the scenic and serene beauty of the waves caressing the shores of Lake Erie was a welcome hiatus when my day was over.

As I did not have a tremendous amount free time I spent what time I had wisely. During one of these opportune moments I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented and kind woman Prl, volunteering countless hours at the Crazy Eight Barn. Considering I was in rural Ontario as an HR Consultant seems kind of opportunistic that I would happen to meet a lovely lady promoting this new fashion accessory the “Vada”.

What is a Vada you may ask?

The hottest neckline accessory available now is born from the love for the richness of pure and elegant wool. Each “Vada” is distinctive and includes reclaimed wool and precious memories that were woven from a blanket originally created by a lovely lady Prl, during a time of healing and forgiveness with her mother Vada. The blanket was gently unravelled to preserve the integrity, elegance, and inspiration of the natural wool and original process. The commitment of unravelling and piecing these delicate portions back together has been a labour of love and continues to be a legacy left by her beloved daughter Prl.

There is No Place like Home, The Vada story

Prl holding her mother’s story.

Vada was an excellent knitter and her hands and heart created many beautiful “works of art”, she was kind and generous with a warm personality and with all of her heart she was happy to share her creations.

Prl was kind enough to share with me her story and during my visit with her she had just completed a special “Vada” for astronaut Chris Hatfield. Each side proudly displayed the Canadian and USA colours of their respective flags.

This unique fashion accessory is available at the Crazy Eight Barn in Palmyra Ontario. The proceeds for the sales of the Vada’s are used to purchase sports equipment, uniforms, and other items for the local schools, as well as donated to community based charities.

You can order a one of a kind Vada at the Crazy Eight Barn or if you want to know more leave us a comment bellow.

Warmest Regards, Lee Rebecca.

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