Food culture in Finland.

Eating local and eating traditional has always been my motto,. When I’m on the road with Santa Lucia LFR I have to be real careful what I eat,. In the past it was always on the run and whatever I could find, not necessarily healthy either. After a couple of hospital trips due to food poisoning it wasn’t fun to be sick anymore. I made it a rule to eat well and well in advance before a performance even if it cost me my whole performance’s paycheck’s a good To me it’s a good price to pay, a good investment on my health. People don’t realize that when musicians are playing in their towns they are away from their homes and their eating routines. They don’t realize that you really has to be careful what you eat and when you eat.

Food culture in Finland1

Reindeer soup

Finland’s food traditions reflect the greater Scandinavian area, but with a unique twist. Helsinki, the capital of this beautiful country, is not only a great place where to discover the local architecture and the local culture, but it is actually a haven for foodies. Discover one of the many food markets, where you can taste delicacies such as smoked salmon, seasonal vegetables and other tasty seafood specialties.

Food culture in Finland1


Salmon is arguably one of the most renowned Scandinavian specialties, and Finland is a great place where to enjoy some of the best varieties of this fish, expertly prepared according to the most traditional recipes or with a modern flare. If you are a seafood lover, you are definitely in the right place. Shrimps and squid have a very special place under the spotlight, particularly the amazing fried squid rings that people can taste in some of the best local markets.

Food culture in Finland2

Potatoes and pork

Finnish food culture is generally well known for a particular attention to health and wellbeing…this is the only place in the world where even McDonalds, the most popular chain of fast food restaurants in the worlds, decided to start selling whole wheat organic bread to meet the demand of the Finnish consumers!


Food culture in Finland3

beets, vegetables

What are the best Scandinavian dishes you’ve eaten? Tell us your food experience.

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