Faroe Islands,. far out majestic!

Nes Hvalba Faroe Islands photo Páll Steffansson

Nes Hvalba Páll Steffansson

The Faroe Islands are truly unique, Its one of those places on this planet I always wanted to go,. My neighbor and I always talk about the Faroe Islands when we sit for coffee on his terrific backyard deck to chat about travel. We get on google map, browse around in his ipad finding the best possible way to go and how to get there. It’s a bucket list dream that’s going to take some planning and a few years, hopefully not many years.
For you reading this article the Faroe Island are located in Northern Europe. An archipelago made up of a group of 18 islands which 17 are populated mostly along its coastal lowlands due to precipitous terrain. They are located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, about one-half of the way from Iceland to Norway. English is widely spoken however Faroese it’s the national language, rooted in old Norse. Nordic lenguages are also understood by most locals.
This Island nation of almost 50,000 people has surprisingly mild summers and winters similar to coastal northern BC.

Kvívík Faroe Islands photo Páll Steffansson

Kvívík Faroe Islands photo Páll Steffansson

It seems to me the connection of this place with the beauty and power of nature is still deeply rooted within the lifestyle of the locals, who enjoy and appreciate their beautiful surroundings. The Faroe Island might seem inaccessible and hard to reach, but the truth is that they are just a short flight away from most of the major airports in the UK and Mainland Europe, making them rather easy to travel to. It seems to be the perfect place for outdoors lovers looking to explore a unique setting. The Faroe Island offer amazing scenarios and are a favorite destination among Fauna and Flora lovers; but it is not all outdoors. The spirit of the local towns is really unique, on one side, it all feels so charmingly retro and old fashioned, but on the other hand, local lifestyle is youthful and remarkably modern, with a particular attention to art and culture, not unlike the situation in Iceland right now. This might not be one of the most buzzed-about touristic havens, but this is why this place is so appealing to me and my neighbor, non-tourist-trapped, unspoiled, unexplored, unbelievably charming and special!
I contacted the office of tourism and they set me up with these amazing royalty free photographs about the Faroe Island without incurring in any copyright issues!

Hvannasund Faroe Islands photo Páll Steffansson

Hvannasund Faroe Islands photo Páll Steffansson

A view of the outer isles of the unbelievable Faroe Islands. from Visit Faroe Islands


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