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idiomas mas romaticos

El idioma mas romantico!.

El español es uno de los idiomas mas hablados alrededor del mundo, siendo la principal lengua de mas de veinte países en donde sus habitantes lo hablan en sus diferentes acentos y dialectos locales. Este idioma tiene sus orígenes en el idioma Latín, y surgió en Europa en lo que se conoce como la región […]

Keep calm and learn spanish Post pic

Keep calm and learn Spanish.

Whether your studies take you south or across the ocean, you’ll likely have a transformational experience both inside and outside of the classroom. It’s worthwhile to keep in mind that Spanish, like English, changes dramatically between countries, and you’ll be able to keep learning new words, phrases and slang every time you visit a new […]

How to Say hi in 30 Lenguages

How to Say Cheers in 30 Languages

CHEERS! Here’s to you! Bottom’s up! The clinking of glasses can help cement friendships and celebrate new ones — it’s an expression of goodwill and one that every traveler should know. So raise your glass to the people you meet at airports, hostels around the world, tourist kiosk volunteers, tour bus guides of the world […]