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B About the author post pic eing a musician and playing in countless bands, not only had brought me the joy of fulfilling my dreams of playing music as a living and meeting long time friends but also has taken me onto my other passion in life “Travel”. I’ve learned the rewards of risk and with experience I got to fully understand the value of following your gut instincts. Fear can also be healthy and spontaneity can be life changing. I’ve learned that people all over this world are so different and yet we can all be so alike.

When I’m not on the road with Santa Lucia LFR I call Vancouver home, I’ll share my experiences about the places life have taking me so far., some from the past, some from the present and certainly a few about where I want to visit next (I believe we all call this last one a bucket list!).

I’ve been to pretty neat places in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. I don’t necesarely look for tourist trap places, you won’t find that here, although there are places like the magnificent metropolis of Melbourne, Australia you should visit at least once in your lifetime., On Sun Refugee I remained focused on places where I could find peace, friendly locals and a decent meal without somebody trying to sell me something I don’t need!

Please don’t feel intimidated to share your comments or questions, just remember I’m also human and I encourage you to write your heart out. Post your feedback; I look forward to hear all about your experiences and places you’ve been too!.

Like we say in Spanish; Buen viaje amigos!


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