Why you should choose Ghana for your next travel destination.

If you want to see what Africa is all about visit Ghana as your top summer destination this year. What will leave you amazed are the friendly locals, great culture and a lot of festivals to visit.

Get to learn about the culture from friendly locals

Ghana people

There are a lot of ethnic groups in Ghana . You will have the unique opportunity to learn about customs and history from the word of mouth. They are interested in sharing their knowledge on African tradition. In a matter of minutes, they will engage you in their activities such as making pottery, clothes and jewellery. This will be an extraordinary opportunity for you to pick up some new hobbies. Once you get engaged in their art creating activities you will release the inner creative self. Their streets are brimming with artists who can teach you how to paint and tell you all about the street art, major trends and techniques. You will hear a lot of buskers. In no time, you will be dancing to some positive tunes and let all your everyday worries vanish. Visit the Ewe tribe who will be willing to teach you how to play the drums.

See what the African festivals are all about

Ghana music festivals

Choose a holiday in Ghana in the beginning of July to get to attend the magnificent Bakatue festival . It is the time of year when you can see local fishermen who start their sailing season. There will be a lot of colourful boats and vibrant pieces of art. Everybody dances and sings and so will you. The friendly locals will spread their positive vibes. However, if you feel like visiting some music festivals got to the Endameba Festival where the music inspired by the African tradition is played. People from all over the continent come to hear the top festival in Ghana so be sure not to miss it.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches

Ghana beach

Ghana has hundreds of miles of beaches to explore . There is no better place where you could find the waters as crystal clear as these are. Go Labadi beach which is three kilometres long and enjoy sunbathing and doing some water activities. The locals love scuba diving so this can be the perfect opportunity to learn how to do it yourself. What you should definitely do is visit the Kokrobite beach where the artists play a mixture of reggae and rock music. You will dance to some positive vibes and learn more about the locals and their customs.

Do not forget to visit Accra

Ghana Accra East Legon

Accra is the ultimate place to see in Ghana as it is the hotspot for all the events and all the natural wonders are near it. You should see National Museum of Ghana once you reach Accra. Numerous pieces of art shown there depict the real Africa and its spirit. Those who are interested in history should not miss exploring Cape Coast, Elmina and Osu Castle and see the extraordinary architecture. Interested in the gardens of Accra? Go to Aburi Botanical Gardens. What is so special about Accra is the ease of finding a place to stay. If you do not want one in the hotspot of Accra, you can always find a house in East Legon . This will be an excellent choice to enjoy a safe intimate holiday with no other people in hostels or hotels to bother you.

Explore the national parks

Ghana national park

If you are fond of national parks you will love Ghana’s 7 national parks. There are as many as 21 protected areas brimming with wildlife you could explore too. Go to Bia national park and have the unique chance to be in the vicinity of leopards, elephants, monkeys and buffalos.

Taste Africa

Ghana food waakye

When in Ghana you must drink their fresh coconut water and juice. All the locals love it and you will see why they have a healthy-looking skin. Try waakye, a local dish that is made of fish and spaghetti.

In order to have a budget-friendly holiday of your dreams visit Ghana to see its vast natural wonders, pristine beaches, meet friendly locals and attend some extraordinary festivals.

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