Sun Refugee finds sunny Croatia.

Consider enjoying a summer in sunny Croatia, this extraordinary prospect should be on everyone’s bucket list. The idyllic island of Croatia has something for all worldwide travelers, including great seafood for a gourmet palate, horseback riding, swimming, snorkeling, diving, sight-seeing, these and many more all-encompassing adventures are intended for the thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

There is also wine for the wine aficionado.

Sun Refugee finds Sunny Croatia

Baška Voda on Makarska Riviera.

If you decide to hit the beach, the best beaches are found in Dalmatia, along the Makarska Riviera. Here you will encounter a turquoise crystal clear sea, miles of white pebble beaches dotted with olive groves, fig trees, and hidden coves. The most popular beaches here are the Punta Rata Beach situated in Brela and the Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol.

In case pebble beaches are not that appealing, you can find sandy beaches too. Although, they are not as common. You will however, find the sandy beaches on the Elafiti Islands, Usce Beach on the Island of Mljet, and the peninsula of Pelesac, and the Island of Rab.

If you love snorkeling or scuba diving the Adriatic Sea is the perfect place. The Croatian coastline is primarily rocky, and the beaches contain small pebble formations. This kind of seabed provides excellent underwater visibility which is perfect for snorkeling and diving. Another attraction to this azure oasis, there are no dangerous sea creatures such as sharks or barracudas in the Adriatic Sea. This may account for the long seafaring history that goes back to ancient times.

Sun Refugee finds Sunny Croatia.

Beach in Old Town Dubrovnik.

If you love sampling wines, there is a genuine opportunity for you in Croatia. Croatia enjoys a long history of wine making and their neatly planted vineyards are home to a wide range of indigenous grape varieties. All over the country, you can stop at gorgeous wine cellars as well as tasting rooms- guaranteed a vast selection of red and white wine bouquets.

Or, you can get active and participate in a variety of fun activities!

Outdoor enthusiasts are in for amazing fun on these picturesque islands! Croatia is bedecked with fast rivers, rugged mountains, the Adriatic Sea, karst topography, and other breath taking scenery. Thus, it offers a vast variety of activities for outdoor enthusiasts – for example, speleology tours, paragliding, free flying, zip-lining, kayaking, windsurfing, rock-climbing, and a host of many other adrenaline pumping activities. You will not lack something to engage in if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

White water rafting is very popular among locals and tourists who visit Croatia. The islands offer great white water rafting sites such as Dalmatia, Gorski Kotar, and Karlovac.

Sun Refugee finds Sunny Croatia.

Split, where sun, sea and a good wine its the way of life.

When you have exhausted some or all of these activities time to indulge in Croatian delicacies, these superb entrees are known for tantalizing and beyond delicious dishes. The food in Croatia is spectacular. The Croatians mainly prepare their food using seasonal ingredients, plenty of fresh produce, and seafood. Their food is influenced a great deal by the many neighboring countries – but it is authentic and original in its own unique way. The seafood Croatian cuisine usually includes plenty of veggies, seafood, fish, and olive oils. The continental part is mainly based on meat, such as kulen, sarma, and ćevapi. This is simply Mediterranean cuisine my advice is to seek out one of the many places available and savor these culture specialties.

Traditional dishes that are featured include black squid risotto, dried ham, chard, spicy fish stew, stewed wild veggies such as wild cabbage, and homemade pasta combinations.

If you are feeling most adventurous you can book a Blue Cave tour from Split. Blue Cave is a sea cave located on the island of Biševo, and in order to reach this destination a speedboat ride is required and usually takes one and a half hour from Split. Once you arrive at the Biševo Island, you’ll stop at the Blue Cave’s docking site where tourists purchase tickets to tour this natural phenomenon. From the docking site you’ll go into the boarding line to take another boat that will take you just around the corner, and voila! You are in the Blue Cave. When you enter the Blue Cave you will be in awe of the surrounding cavernous beauty of nature, followed by a beautiful glowing light that emanates from the sea which reflects all around the cave in its unadulterated beauty. Many tourists leave Croatia praising this as the highlight of their tour.

Sun Refugee finds Sunny Croatia.

The Blue caves on the island of Biševo.

Simply, there are many opportunities to explore and discover in Split. For example, there are plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites here, including the palace of Emperor Diocletian, the only Roman Emperor who chose to retire, and actually do just that. Also, noteworthy that Zadar in Croatia is home to the most beautiful sunset in the world. Dubrovnik is among the first medieval places in the whole of Europe to have a sewage system, and is a popular location for Games of Thrones filming notably (King’s Landing).

This is only 1% of what Croatia has to offer. There are numerous adventures that are just waiting for you to explore, come and see for yourself what this glorious land of Croatia can offer you.

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