Horse Riding Around In Kenya

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of the wind in your hair and the warmth below, you as ride a majestic stallion across golden plains, spotting indigenous flora and game like giraffe and elephants, as you go.

The following horse-riding options cater perfectly to new riders as well as to the experienced riders who have yet to be whisked away to some of the most magical viewpoints and vistas that Africa has to offer. Depending on which activity operator you choose, you will have your pick of thoroughbreds, Boerperds, Shire mixes, and at some places, even a select few Arabian stallions.

Beginner horse riders will need to ensure their chosen accommodation or activity provider allows novices on the safari plains, as most do prefer visitors to have a firm hand and enough previous experience to bring their horse under control should they become spooked (rare – but it does occasionally happen). Most safari outfitters will happily let novice’s practice horse riding back at the ranch and will have trainer’s on-hand to assist them getting comfortable, before they’ll be allowed to join in on a guided horse safari.

If you feel as comfortable in the saddle as you do behind a wheel, then you’re in for numerous delights when horse riding in Kenya. Experienced guides know exactly where the best wildlife viewing can be had and will lead you close enough to almost reach out and touch the wildlife you see. Depending on what experience you’re after, you can pick and choose from rides in savannahs, swamps, forests, and even over mountainous terrains.

Top Areas For Horse Riding

Lewa wildlife conservancy covers an incredible 65,000 acre and offers some of the best wildlife spotting opportunities in Africa. You can add some adventure to your itinerary by saddling up, which allows you to get up-close and personal with the game roaming the plains, as you revel in the freedom and spacious scenery before you.

Non riders can still experience safari fun at a more sedate and less bumpy pace by going on a guided game drive or bush walk. Select accommodations within the conservancy offer alternative fun in the form of guided camel rides and camel safari’s, while walks with members of the Masai tribe, and visits to the ancient archaeological sites will give you unique insights into the area and are ideal options for cultural lovers.

While in Lewa, take advantage of the many additional activities available, such as visiting the rhino sanctuary and, during season, bottle-feeding baby rhino's, or visit the nearby Ngare Ndare forest to explore lush forests and waterfalls along a beautiful canopy walkway.

Mount Kilimanjaro is another fantastic horse=riding destination for the beautiful area views it yields.

One of the most thrilling horseback adventures that rivals the excitement you’ll feel at can be enjoyed along the popular Amboseli Route. The route starts at the majestic mountains base and its challenging terrain caters perfectly to advanced riders. As you sit astride your fleet-footed steed you can watch the scenery change from rocky plains to sunlit fields where zebras and elephants graze, before heading into swampy terrain where you can spot hippos and indigenous birds.

Intermediate riders would do well to visit Chyulu Hills which provides stunning hues of lush greenery, and as you ride at a sedate pace through the hills, you will have ample opportunity to spot wildlife spread out around the trail.

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